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Edit your stuff -  A tip from Ty Pennington.  An excerpt from an interview with Studios Editor, Cate Prato: 

"Edit your stuff! If you have seen it done before, get rid of it. I have so many magazines and books that for me it makes sense to go through them and snap a pic of the things I like in them, download those into a file, and then donate the actual mag to a library or send it to be recycled. Stacks and stacks of stuff don’t make you more creative."

I first analyzed the sentence.  Stacks and stacks don't
but should it be stuff doesn't?  Can a prepositional phrase be the subject that the verb tense must follow? 
I've been a long time out of school and really need a subject-verb lesson here.  Would someone in the know educate me here! 

Obviously, my mind is as cluttered as my studio!  No wonder I'm not being very creative these days.  I did work on this picture to make it more inviting.....Go see the BEFORE & AFTER in Reflections Unfurling!

Edit this stuff to get creative!

Hallalulah.....it's Friday! 


  1. I'm no English major, but I'm pretty sure you are right - it should be "...stuff doesn't..."

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