Merriam-Webster defines Doodle - a verb - to dawdle or trifle.

a noun - an aimless or casual scribble, design or sketch. Also, a minor work.

Wait a minute here.......I don't have time to dawdle or trifle. That's a personal opinion that only I can hold!! I see doodling as freeing up space in the brain for more...well, doodles. I often quilt up and bind my doodles as reminders that my brain was once full. A minor work of art...posh on Merriam-Webster. The moral here, "Don't believe everything you see in print."


  1. You are actually drawing with thread. NICE! I'm getting better at machine quilting, but I am not drawing yet

  2. That is one great patchwork rooster! Great Job!

  3. Hey, thanks to both of you up there. All in a day's work. (tongue in cheek)


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