Some of my favorite things

One of my favorite things in 2008 was the monthly calendar that 21st Century Dressmakers made available for a screensaver download. What a treat each time I opened my computer. Check their blogspot.

I love hearing the hummm of the lawnmower the first week in January!! Who would think we could have such a balmy Louisiana day. Dearest hubby is in shorts and Tee, but he won't let me ID him for my blog. (not yet anyway)

We have been invited to a Twelfth Night dinner party next Tuesday...just a small gathering of dear I potted up a cutting off my Ming tree for the other two ladies that will be there. These are the best little Bonsai ditties. My mother tree is about 15 years old and when (she) gets top heavy, I just snip off a branch and put it in water to root up for another Ming starting. Such fun to have in my kitchen window.

True to my word, I have made progress since yesterday. I mastered adding some of my favorite bloggers and online shops. Have several photos I wanted to add, but can't get past that obstacle yet. This is really testing my grit.

More later.

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