Jump Start the Day-Go Fabric Shopping

Oh, Woe is me.......I must get out of the house today. I have two quilt tops completed to take over to Quilt 'N Stitch to quilt for me. While there, I definitely have a list of fabrics to be purchased....Need yards of white. I've been seeing so much white used in the quilts of others lately, take a look at A Quilt Is Nice. So delightful and fresh to see so much white.

We have a treasure trove of long arm quilters in or near Monroe (Louisiana, that is). I absolutely love the work of Kathy's Fancy Stitching. She has custom quilted many for me. Kathy has won numerous awards for her art quilts. Her classes/workshops are to ...dye...for.

Also out there is Elaine at Rose Hill Quilt Shop. I see her every month, so is soooo easy for her to do much quilting for me. And, I would never forget Kay Thode and Kathy Spencer. Both of these long arm quilters and teachers have done custom quilting for me and their work is to perfection.

Another great quilt shop is Hannah's Quilts & Crafts. I have not had an opportunity to use her quilting skills, but have seen her work and she has real reason to be proud of her skills and brag . AND, I have even been known to quilt my own. I don't have a long arm but, as I've mentioned before, I have the Bernina QE which is perfect for my quilting and embroidery needs.

So, you can see why I continue to buy, buy, buy, and quilt, quilt, quilt...I told Elaine, at Rose Hill, the other day that I certainly wanted to do my part in helping her pay for that Gammill Statler Stitcher!!!

A new day has dawned. I look forward to a great weekend.


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  1. I was just thinking the same thing about all the white quilts now. I need some white and have been inspired to use the tiny scraps I have to make a quilt similar to the one you showed. I still need more white for the black and white challenge too. I'm afraid it will have to wait a while though.
    It must be fun to drop off a quilt and have it quilted for you. They all do such beautiful work too!


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