I had a sheer bliss dinner. He cooked...well, he purchased. It came in a box and was not very heart healthy...but it was good and I didn't cook!! On the fresh side, he also purchased a bag of salad and enhanced it with cucumber and tomato. On a see-saw, it was a balanced meal. Can I rationalize, or what?

Now, let's move on to multi-tasking. The young folks that I occasionally rub elbows with have much fun putting themselves into a martyr status. You've heard it too. "I'm so busy, I'm so stressed, I can keep adding on?? why??, I can multi-task."

Well, I discovered that I can multi-task too. No, I don't have to hold a child on my hip while stirring grits...nothing that easy. But yesterday I was at my sewing machine busily piecing up another quilt top, when I realized I was already putting another one together in my mind. Now that's taking multi-tasking to a higher level!

My dear sister is so observant. She noticed most of my postings come very early in the morning. Well, to her, I say, that's when I have my most 'deep-thinking' moments!

I look forward to a great day. Yes, it's early morning and I already have a smile on my face. Hope you do too.

More musings later in the morning

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