Internet Technology Break Through

Hello, one and all....We have the most wonderful little green tree frogs here in Louisiana. They even allow husband dear to seek them out for photo shoots. His shoots are so extensive that he had to make a computer album entitled "Tree Frogs." Is he not just a wee bit obsessive??

Well, I thought of those tree frogs yesterday (after having a mental breakthrough). For the size of their little bodies, they can make the biggest frog leaps I have ever witnessed. And you know what, for the size of my brain, I made just as big a leap as any frog. I'm still smiling about my success in stretching my learning curve. Drum roll please.....

Yes, I learned how to copy and paste. Evidence my enhanced sidebar: Ads, blogroll, logos of fiber and quilt groups where I am registered. I can now get pictures from the web and publish within my blog....See the Horn Quilting Cabinet. This is like the one I bought last year. I also added the 5-drawer storage unit.

I have limited space, so the drop down feature on this cabinet perfectly fits in. When working on a large project, I can expand the working surface, then just let it back down when project is finished. Now, if I could afford a light box, I would be in hog heaven. Now that's a good ole southern place to be!

TaDa for now with lots of hugs to you,

Marty (I'm the one still smiling)

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