Queen Size (Is Good) Scrappy Bed Quilts

It's been a two-quilt night in North Louisiana this past week. Yikes, down in the 20 degree range. But, it's really a two-quilt night for me all year round 'cause the mister likes to keep the temperature set on freeze. And I actually prefer a cold house myself. Isn't it pleasant when two people agree especially when they sleep in the same bed!!

Anyway, as I was saying......but when he has a two-quilt night, that means it must be three quilts for me. AND they feel so cozy. These are my favorites - two queen sized ones and a little lap quilt. All three very scrap happy. I have no fear in mixing fabrics. As a matter of fact, the more color I add, then the more color I can add. It all ADDS up to fun quilts. Click on photo to zoom in for closeup.

More musings later....


  1. Hey Marty!
    I just took a look at your precious art quilt jewels. They're lovely.

    I'm always amazed at your "show & tells" at our NLQG chapter meetings. You are a talented, prolific quilter; I am in awe at the amount or work you get done.

    Thank you for sharing your talents and for the challenge that got me into blogging.

  2. Your comments are very generous. Thank you. I love that quilters, artists, women, Americans, feed off one another to keep inspired. It's going to be another feel-good-day.


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