My day to exercise...again

For the past several years, I have been so faithful to do my cardio and yoga at my favorite, though expensive, gym. That is, I have been faithful until January, 2009. No explanation for my lack of enthusiasm. Blame it on my time blogging, the weather, life got in the way, whatever.

There has, however, really been a downer for my butt has turned to flab and dropped from where it was to closer to the knee. No, I never had buns of steel...too much work...but I did like that my butt cheeks didn't lurch from left to right and right to left with every step I took.

Well, Sunday morning I found myself reaching for the tight spandex pantie instead of my good ole comfortable cotton ones. Age does have its advantages! He still has the option of looking at (victoria secret) pictures to view the teeny tiny itsy bitsy nothing nada bikini ones. But while the spandex keeps the butt from lurching, it pushes the belly fat up the rib cage. I'm being my own judge here, but I'm less than 5 lbs overweight, yet the pushed up belly fat is major uncomfortable, not to mention hugely unsightly.

The sight of all this drove me back to exercise yesterday. Did a 50-minute cardio. Was so exhausted that I did not even get to the weight machines. Yet I wanted instant gratification and according to the scale, there was no weight change and my butt is still lurching. I'll try again today!

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  1. OH MARTY! CHILL, my friend!! You are making those of us that are much more the 5 lbs. over our desired weight feel really bad! Actually, add a 0 to that five and that is about where I would like to be.

    I think you need to reward yourself for doing such a great workout by QUILTING for the rest of the day!



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