Before and After Valentine Day Card

It took me all afternoon.....but, I finally got the other huMAN in the house his Valentine's Day card. I hope he knows that the belated hour of the giving doesn't mean that I love him any's because I'm still kinda slow with this photoshop stuff! He's so thoughtful, my beautiful store bought card was awaiting me on arising this morning. Oh, well....He suggested that I go ahead and print another one for next year!! I chuckled...('cause I already have.)

I first took the picture of my "I heart Ewe Too" quilt, then added layers and layers of stuff and finally topped it off with my personal message! Yay, I'm learning to write and doodle with my Wacom pen.

Dinner will be easy tonight...BLT's with oven fries! I'll just drink water with my dinner to ward off any calorie gain from the fries. Hope it works!


  1. This is a fine job of making a card from the quilt photo. What's the pen, where do I get one? LOL
    Very cool. Hope DH loved it. Or should I say Hearted it?!

    We just exchanged words this year.
    We still heart each other every day.

  2. You are so right and tell those we love that we love them every day in every way!

    It's a Wacom Bamboo tablet/pen...the smallest size. I ordered from Wacom directly - about $80 and it is wonderful. Just learning.


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