I'm thinking Bob Seger

It was back in the 80's....I was a huge fan of Detroit born and bred, Bob Seger. He sang it then and I thought it was a good thing to do... I don't remember the words to his song...or even the title...but when I would get bogged down in life I would mentally "Turn The Page!" Just that little phrase in his song has hung with me all these years.

I'm going to do some page turning today. I'm thinking positively - the doctor will give me a clean bill of health after the dreadful sinus surgery. I'm mentally telling myself that I will focus to complete a project today. For the past two weeks I haven't been able to concentrate for any length of time (you say...what's new with her)! Just 'bout time I would get focused, a sinus issue would develop....head would hurt, eyes would hurt, neck would hurt...oh well, you get the picture. Hallelujah! I woke up pain free this morning.

Then, I will go to the library to get some fresh reads.

Just finished McCullough's 'John Adams' and loved it even more than his '1776'. Both good reads, especially if you are a history buff. Only problem I found with both tombs was the weight. I get dinner completed, finish routine chores, get a warm bath and settle down (in bed) with a book....and both these books were so heavy. Okay, since I'm mentally turning a page today....what I mean to say is that the weight of these books really built up my biceps....or is it my triceps. Either one can stand a really big build-up so I guess it's immaterial which muscle is being toned.

Happiest of days to you and remember to turn the page with me!


P.S. - the notebook was a free download from someone....the artwork and script is all Marty Mason original.

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  1. For the life of me I cannot remember who Bob Seger is. I remember Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan, but not Bob Seger.???
    But I was never Big in the music dept.

    I too visualize positive health for you. Hope this surgery is over soon and you heal quickly .


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