What a fun day I had browsing through our public library....found several light reading books and one self-help??? book. Hey, I love look at the quilting books, the knitting books, the home decor books, the flower making why not the calligraphy books? Brought home The Calligrapher's Bible...100 complete alphabets and how to draw them! The reference to 100 alphabets (and how to draw them) should have clued me in to some trouble ahead!! I only have one alphabet....and it's not very pretty.

Did a little bit of practice when I got home and have already abandoned calligraphy!
Too much patience required - too much practice. I've learned enough for today. I'll rush that book right back in the morning - just in case someone else needs to learn a little bit about their personal alphabet.


  1. Brave of you to pick up the book. Bet with some practice you'd have fun with it...but if not, well that's okay too.

  2. you are SO right.....calligraphy is a true exercise in patience and practice!! if you ever get the itch to create some more letterforms, you'll know where the book is! :)))

  3. Isn't the library the greatest place? You can experiment and find out what you do and don't like without spending any money! You have so many other creative gifts -- I wouldn't worry about the calligraphy too much.


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