Update! Update! Stairway to Cat Heaven

Quilt pattern is still available.

Since I've been posting pictures of my "Stairway to Cat Heaven" quilt, I've gotten numerous questions about where to find the pattern. It's an older one in the October, 1997 McCalls Quilting Magazine. I took a minute and found this link online.

This will give you the piecing instructions along with the printable PDF patterns of the cats and moon applique pieces. Aren't pattern archives a cat's meow. Enjoy. OOPs....the pdf is not available...but I'll bet with a little freezer paper, those cats can be sketched. Go for it!


I've slaved in the kitchen all day....and if you believe that???

Red beans with a Heavenly Ham bone for seasoning....served over rice. I'll make cornbread too. I put the beans on to cook early this morning and the pot has been slow cooking all day. Ready to serve when we're ready to eat! I love serving soups and stews and big pots of beans as a cold weather meal. Puts an extra layer of fat on to keep the body warm!! I'll deal with that layer come April...perhaps May. Could even be June this year!


  1. I'm laughing at your "extra layer of fat"...mine is on too (too many winter stews?) and our spring is already here! But but, oh well, maybe an extra layer at my age is good padding incase I godforbid fall.

    Thanks for the link to the pattern. so cute this.

  2. Hi
    thanks for the link to the stairway to heaven cat quilt - printed the templates but not all of the pattern pages would print but gave me the gist of how to make it .
    I will really have fun making this
    thanks Jeannie in Australia

  3. Thank you for finding the templates for Stairway to Cat heaven. I have just put down my cat of 16 years,she developed a viral lung infection and was just to weak to fight it.

  4. Oh Susan, I am so sorry for your loss. We've had to do that too and while it is so sad, I can't allow them to linger in pain and sickness. I'm so glad you found the pattern. Making this quilt will help you to heal and allow fond memories each time you take a stitch to complete it. Come back and show me your pictures....I would love to see your finished quilt.


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