Watercolor Note Cards and a Cat's Meow

Two of my one-of-a-kind, watercolor note cards sold overnight....thank you Felicity.
Etsy.....it's a good thing!

I'm thinking Spring....and so are the two abandoned cats that adopted our back garden as their new home. Sure they are welcome here! But, we are hoping they don't bring in any babies....We think they are both male(?)(!) but can't be sure....not going there...they both have long, sharp claws, so are hoping if they aren't neutered that their female feline friends stay in their own back garden. The house HuMAN has had a man-to-cat conversation with both of them. He imposed a "no-visitation" rule! In other words, mama cats....keep yourselves and your kitties over yonder!

Big Yellow Cat's winter home. Does this look like a homeless cat's home...or what! Never mind it's appearance. It was a warm home for him on cold nights. When it was so cold and windy out, we just threw extra towels over his home to help ward off the chill. He loves it!

And Little Yellow Cat found the warm concrete bench to watch the garden grow! Or has he spotted a red breasted Robin tugging on a big fat worm?

Even Cat That Licks My Toes came for a visit. Sorry, Toes Cat....still too cool for sandals. Wait 'til May, then we can giggle together!

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