Stairway to Cat Heaven

Thank goodness I took lots of pictures of this quilt before it was sold. These cats are so photogenic. Stairway to Cat's a good thing!

Here's the original picture.....

The first alteration. I still love this moon beaming down on these playful kitties. They have no clue that someone may be watching their antics!

And here is this morning's rendition of my original quilt. No computer glitches so far....what a day it will be!


  1. I love both takes on this adorable quilt. It almost makes me tempted to do something this "traditional"...but probably not...i'll just enjoy yours...

  2. Thanks Lynn. Every now and then traditional is not all bad! However, I'm now preferring the anything goes type of quilt making. Much more liberating!

  3. What a beautiful work of art, especially since I love cats. How could you bear to sell it? Someone is very happy with it, I am sure.

  4. I am a cat and dog person, love Stairway to Cat Heaven.

  5. I'm also glad you took pictures of your quilt, because your altered photos are beautiful as well. I especially like the close-up of the two cats and the moon!

  6. i just wanted to thank you for your beautiful quilt - i used the idea to make a similar one for a little 12-year old friend who i am sure will love it. is going to be tough parting with it really.

  7. I am looks not for the pattern for Stairway to heaven. I understand it was in an old issue of McCalls that I don't have, I was wondering if you still have it and if I could have a copy? Thanks. I don't make quilts to sell, just for family.

    1. Nancy, the pattern is still available on McCalls Quilting web, the cat template is included .


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