She's out there "Roaming the 'Hood"

I knew this morning was going to be a good one when I opened my email...a good omen for the day. Let me start from the beginning.

Sinus surgery was Thursday and it was a miserable weekend....until last night. Can you believe those Saints....I hope it puts New Orleans back on the map in a good format instead of crime and corruption. Yes, they still have that, but doesn't most every city?... Doctor appointment for this morning was a dreaded much so that I lost sleep knowing it was going to be a painful one. But, I got up anyway....I've had to fore go my caffeine since all this has begun...that in itself has made me pretty grumpy. The shower and hair shampooing did a lot to put a smile on my face...I'll get to bend over to shave my legs in a few more the meantime, perhaps my legs are warmer for the growing growth.....So, almost all spiffed up, I hit the sewing studio/faux office running...opened my email and there were two new ones there that showed great promise....opened the PayPal one first, and sure enough, there it balance had increased....opened the second one and it was confirmed.....I had made a sale some time during the night....probably after the Super Bowl....I'm gonna miss her. She's been a delight....when she's not out "Roaming the 'Hood", she just hangs around! I bid her fare-thee-well and off she went to the post. I hope her new owner doesn't confine her to a specific neighborhood...she likes them all.

And the dreaded doctor visit was not all that I had made it out to be....and...I can't say that I was disappointed. He squirted lanocain(or some such spelling) in each nostril, pulled the packing out of the right side...about 5 seconds it took....pulled the packing out of the left side...and I can breathe....the roots of my hair have even stopped now perhaps I can relax my facial muscles and enjoy being pain says I won't feel up-to-snuff for about three-four in the meantime, I am actually enjoying not having to drive....not having to run errands....not having to lift heavy objects....getting to rest at is good and I am almost well!


  1. Gad, it hurt just hearing about your dr visit. But, feel better after the visit.
    Take care of yourself, even go so far as to pamper yourself.
    I am sending Positive Thoughts your way.

  2. I'm glad you are getting better from your sinus surgery. NOt fun that. And nice to sell something you've made. Love those surprises.
    I can commiserate having just returned from my doc today who cut into a cyst on my back and left something in there to soak yuck out and have to go have it changed every few days at her office. I pray my "ordeal" will be as easy as yours was. Nice to know we are not alone in this malady department. Misery loves company???


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