Wine Over Water

A taste of the the date April 8. Quote as printed in the March issue of our very own Delta Style - "The attire is Dressy casual (no denim or shorts please); tickets can be purchased at the ULM alumni Center for $50 per person and are available now!" How kindergarten is this? Did no one proof this ad before it was printed?

So, my question...what's wrong with denim? I'd rather see denim - lots of denim - than fat midriff - lots of fat midriff! If the university is getting $50 a head, who should care if the payee prefers denim over silk. Of course the quote wasn't signed or I would personally write this snoot who obviously knows more about dressing for a dressy casual event than Ralph Lauren!

And why was (in parenthesis, of course) the statement omitted (no drugs please)
or (also in parentheses) (no obnoxious cellphones please.)

In Louisiana, in April, in a small town, at the local university, open air, early evening, strolling the bridge across the bayou, sipping wine and sampling finger foods. What should a person wear??

Local events, local people - Okay....ranting is over. Sorry I awakened you. Go back to your Sunday afternoon nap!

Are these two outfits not just the best of the best in denim? I see no breasts, no fat midriff, no butt cracks. I'm good with this dressy casual attire!

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