"I Love That Wool"

Don't you just love to find Freebies! Especially if it's a freebie pattern of something you love to do..a freebie purse pattern, a knit freebie purse pattern. The name of the yarn is not really an eye-catcher..."I love this wool!" but the picture on the yarn wrap was! My completed purse looks nothing like theirs! Imagine that!

The pattern calls for a knitted rectangle that measures 60" x 20"...that's a big hunk of wool. I stopped at 40" length....hoping I was doing the right thing when I bound off. I did continue to follow the pattern instructions (to some degree) in folding down the sides and stitching each side. Wet felted and then dry felted my flowers, added a magnetic snap closure, monks cord straps and voila...a new purse. It finished out at 9" x 12", not including straps. A perfect size to accomodate purse things...it's not a diaper bag!

Of course, it's for sale...just email me for details martymason@bellsouth.net. I'll list it on my Etsy shop later. Or, if you don't need it for an urgent gift, just knit your own purse.... A fun and easy freebie pattern.

Hey, I live in Louisiana....not a major cold weather state....not many exclusive yarn shops around....I buy my yarn online...or at Hobby Lobby! Whatever works!

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