Cotton Corner Quilt Show's a coming.....

When my mama yelled out to me....better get on your little horse and ride....I knew it was time to get busy. That meant I was running out of time, 'cause she was running out of patience.

Well, this morning, I decided I better hitch the horse and ride. The Cotton Corner Quilt Show is Friday and Saturday and I'm doing a "Make It and Take It" segment. That's where we have sewing machines set up and when all the chairs are filled, each participant will be given a project to complete and take home. I did this at our last quilt show and it was fun to get some folks in our non-quilting community involved.

I've already done a lot of the prep work, but have not quite finished. Let's see, today is Tuesday...that leaves Wednesday and Thursday...quilt show is Friday and Saturday! Holy horse, I'm running out of time.

We'll be making a whimsical bath mat this year and each one will be unlike the others.

Part of the project calls for free motion quilting so I figured some folks would like to have an idea or two about what that looks like! Here are just a few easy quilt designs. Here is a swatch I'll take to show of just a 4-corner grid.

I love this quilting style on little quilts. I think it makes a statement on one color quilts.

Free motion flowers are always a good thing!

As are wiggly (but almost straight) lines. That's what I did on my art quilt entitled "Knee Britches." I'll take this one to the quilt show as an example to show the group that we don't have to have a degree in quilt design to complete a fun project for a little (or big) child!

Outline quilting is always easy peasy and really punches out an applique quilt block. Since most of the bathmats are raw-edge applique wonky houses, this style might be the cat's meow to a beginning quilter.

Oh, and one of my favorite ways to quilt sashes and borders, especially on doll quilts or baby quilts - hearts. My horse is tired, my prep work is heart is singing. (And, no doubt, my mom is looking down with a huge smile on her face.)

Happy trails.....Marty


  1. I'm planning on being there Friday, Marty.... weather permitting! See you then!

  2. I'm finally ready, Kat, and looking forward to seeing you again!


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