Church Art Quilt

My head is spinning. When the hardest part of altering a photo is finding it after it's been saved, then it's time to shut down the computer!
Finally worked through some issues and combined my art quilt with one of My Dear One's pictures. He got out the other day and got some beautiful shots of a church steeple across the river. Just loved the outcome....but oh my head is spinning.
Dinner is easy. He's gonna grill a steak....he gets 2/3's and she gets the other 1/3. He's already stuck the potato in the oven. Since potatoes come in such large sizes, we split one 50/50. Add a baked onion and dinner will be served up in no time. The au jus from the baked onion is soooo good drizzled over the steak...Yum.
A salad would have been nice, but I thought about that too late. Perhaps tomorrow we'll go green...that is if I don't have a mid-week computer crisis.


  1. your altered photo is fantastic, marty.....and your dinner sounds great, too! :))

  2. I was going to say, forget the art ... WHAT TIME IS DINNER ... but I won't say that, chuckle.

    Love the art, you just keep amazing me with your talent, Marty.

    Hugs, Marydon


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