All the Accoutrements...

I see and hear this all the time..."IT comes with all the accoutrements." And, I'm thinking why does it always have to be an "it" that has all this good stuff.

So, can people have accoutrements? In order to answer this question (to myself), I first had to find the definition. Merriam-Webster online always gives me a very brief define...they(?) said accoutrement functions as a, trappings. OK, I had to step back and think about this. Now, I can envision a bathroom with all the accoutrements....a towel warmer, terry robe, deep soaking tub, oversize shower head for different water spray choices. Dearest and I live in a 50's era ranch so my only taste of these accoutrements must be envisioned!!

Rather than dwell on that, I'll just continue to add accoutrements to my art quilts and art cards. So easy to do these many buttons and beads and yarn and crystals and wool roving and angelina fibers and........(whew, I'm out of breath)
Swarovski Crystals..

Button face and yarn hair! Oh my

Novelty yarn decorates these Christmas trees

So, back to my original question...Can people have accoutrements? We hear that he or she comes with baggage...and trappings (children, oh no!!) So why not he or she coming with accoutrements? Novel idea? No, just a redirection of thinking...

Equipment might be good health, an education, resilience, independence, happiness, smiling face, kind words

Now trappings...I think of trappings as a wish list. For instance mine might include always having a clean car, having time alone to sew, ready access to how-to tutorials, just to mention a few. Well, now, what are my accoutrements I have more equipment? or more trappings?

Hopefully, it's a nice mix. Hugs 'til later



  1. I love all of your accoutrements, however you define them! Your fiber art is wonderful!

  2. Thanks Heather....I think I shall hunker down and sew today....we're scheduled to get your rain today. And, I look forward to that.

  3. Hi! Your are doing wonderful works! It´s so nice to met new blogfriends! Thanks for visit and comment on my blog! I will looked more on your blog !
    Have a nice wekeend!


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