Pictures...lost and (not) found

When the picture albums are all sorted....don't resort them. Some of my pictures were not in the correct folders nor in the chronological order that I wanted, so I decided a computer clean up was in order. Should have cleaned the house instead. If I first combine them all to one folder, then I can resort... so I thought. So I merrily went about my work and on completion, opened up the one remaining folder. But, lo,there were no pictures!! I searched furiously for my pictures to no avail. Everything goes to the recycle bin...doesn't it? Nope, not my pictures. Little did I know that instead of combining the folders, I was stacking them one on top of the other. I can get the pictures from yesterday, but cannot turn the virtual computer page to the next group, nor the next group. %$()@^^ and the words continued to spew.

Well, by the time dearest arrived I was in quite a stew. He had a few suggestions (1) clean the house, or the oven, the toilet, just about anything - but not the computer (2) leave the technical stuff alone and (3) too complicated to explain. But anyway, we're trying something different to see if those pictures can be retrieved. If you hear me scream, you'll know they are lost in the system. Thank goodness I have most of them stored on a CD, but what about all those I've taken and edited these past several weeks!! So much work may be down the drain...I can't bear to think of it.

So, now, as they say, it's time to take a step back and punt....Moral "Never, never resort a sorted picture album." (Sorry, no pictures in this commentary)


He took his afternoon constitutional and figured out how to solve the problem. Thank goodness I had already put all my pictures into the new Adobe Photoshop....(that program paid for itself today). It was just a simple matter of selecting the pictures I needed today and transfer them back into a new folder in pictures. How simple was that?? Now, how can I plug my hair back into the roots??


  1. How's your blood pressure, Marty?
    I firmly believe I never had hbp until I came in contact with computers. ;D
    Aren't we lucky to have 'dearests' in our lives?

  2. Hi, Gerry, I don't think my blood pressure has been normal since I started 'computing' either. I've never been a techno genius...lot to do with my patient/impatient level I'm sure.

    Dearest?? on a good day.

  3. As my grandmother used to say, "All's well that ends well." Now that does NOTHING to get your hair back in place, but now you know of several things TO DO and several things NOT to do in the future. Hope the rest of your day was better than the start!

  4. It was Kat...much better. And to make my day just perfect, we are having home made chicken tortillo soup for supper....except I make cornbread to go with mine. I know, it's a southern thing. Great weekend to you too.

  5. I didn't stack them, I just lost the lot! About 2000 photos just disappeared, without trace. I somehow managed to move the whole folder, with all the sub folders and sub folders....... didn't find them until I went looking for a program file in the program file folder and found 'my pictures' folder!
    As for the hair problem, chocolate might work!
    Judy B

  6. Good morning Judy, thanks for hope....I'll let you know if I happen to stumble over my lost photos. Yummmm chocolate sounds good and will surely make me feel better.

  7. I am not allowed to do ANY computer cleaning, changing, adding, etc! I am allowed to blog and email. That's it :D Blond and over 50, what can I say!! I am so glad your Dear Sweet Husband solved the problem. Ironically, in high school when we took our aptitude test I was told I should be a computer programmer!!! I'm sure I would have done great starting out back then but now it is way over my head.


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