Art Quilt, Art Card, Bookmarks and more

Where, oh where do my mornings and afternoons go? It's way past lunchtime already and I've only just finished my creations.

I get my inspiration from lots of places, sometimes it just an advertisement in a magazine. Such as the case's the ad. It's a large scale print created by Sally McQuillian of Raoul Textiles. Loved the look of the deep lush brown on natural linen. And while I was deep into the web to locate the link to Raoul Textiles, I ran across The Fabric Guru, a wonderful site to purchase fabric (let's not limit ourselves to quilting cotton only!!)

and following is my interpretation of the large scale leaf. I thread painted the leaf on natural muslin then made two bookmarks. One measures 1.5" x 6" and the other 1.5" x 8".

And on I went. What a lark I had "painting" the mini fabric art card. It is 3" x 6". I think I'll call these my "California Dreamin" series. You know how the song goes...."all the leaves are brown on such a winter day..."

And, finally here's something I did with an ugly piece of fabric I won somewhere as a door prize. Killed two birds with one stone (as they say) by using ugly fabric and practicing my Karen McTavish style free motion quilting at the same time. Nothing really lost here but some time. I pinned snippets of fabric down then quilted with a lime green thread. Now I have a piece of art!! Of course, it's ready to be hung. You can see from pics of my sewing room, I display my art quilts everywhere.

xxxs and ooos


  1. Marty, what brilliant things you do with a sewing machine and thread! I love your idea of painting and drawing with thread---and I enjoyed seeing your cozy workspace, too. Your enjoyment of life really comes through in your work. Keep on threading!

  2. Good Morning, Marty!

    You did a WONDERFUL job on your McTavishing! Keep up the very creative and wonderful work... I love seeing what all you are doing.



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