Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder???

Me thinks me spent too much for this squirrel proof bird feeder.....


  1. Word to the wise... "Ain't no such thing as a 'squirrel-proof' birdfeeder!"

    I, too, spent big-bucks for one that was so-labelled (but a different design than yours)... they lied. The squirrels just figured out another way to get to it.

    Oh well, all of God's creatures have got to eat... and isn't it fun watching the little fellows do such acrobatics just to get a few seeds?


  2. What a wonderful picture! Personally, I feed the squirrels, I buy nuts for them......... I just love watching them come and entertain me ;O)

    What I really want is a 'rat-proof' birdfeeder, I can't stand having them around *grr* Fingers crossed, I haven't seen any this winter.

  3. You both are right....we love the antics of the birds, squirrels, raccoons, cats, just about anybody that passes thru our garden. AND, even....a sunflower seed from the feeder had bloomed and was the most tall and gorgeous thing. I saw it swaying one day and on closer inspection, the dreaded big fat rat was eating the seed from atop it. Dearest was able to get him with his BB gun. Hopefully the neighbors didn't hear since we think it's illegal here in our town... so don't tell!!

  4. I LOVE THIS PHOTO. We go thru this too with our squirrels. No matter how smart we think WE are they get into everything we block. So we give up. Today I watched a little nuthatcher guard his territory and scare away a big squirrel. Ah ha! something IS smarter. :)

  5. Birds really can do a number on a squirrel's behind....I've watched a mockingbird chase one under a car and you can bet that little dude was happy to have a safe haven from that mad mama!!


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