Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts

Yes, I'm still here and have been very successful this week.

I aged by one year and survived! I'm sure the skin has aged too, but I'm not looking.

Made several sales from my website (happy, happy day)

Had major discussion with the dear one, then kitty, this morning.

Dear, dear one cleans the litter box each day. Yes, I said dear and dear. So, since I paid a huge sum for hairball remover medicine for kitty the other day, I wanted to know if the cost was worth it. So after a couple of days, I asked dear if he had seen a hairball and I was informed that he wasn't checking!! Well, my and my. So, I gave him a day to get his act together and asked again this morning. You already know the answer. No, no sign of said hairball.

About this time, kitty snickered and in her "I told you so" voice, really told me so! I know I heard a very bad meow word. Not very lady-like either. She is very tired of being propped up and spoon fed a dose of foul every morning that's not clearing out what apparently was never there! My ears are still burning. Should I ask for a refund? I'd even take office credit to be applied to next visit. I'm sure kitty will hit me up for a road trip again. The little trickster...

Had two big projects to sew this morning so pulled out the extension to my Horn sewing table. This gives me another 4 feet of work space, but it really cuts into sewing room space when extended, so I save large sewing projects to do while it's out. Got the bindings sewn onto two large quilts. I'll get better pictures later after I've finished the hand sewing.

Now have a stack of four large quilts to finish binding. Need to get to work on that since I have four being longarm quilted that will be ready next month. I'm in quilt deluge heaven!! Not complaining one bit.

I finished binding this little doll quilt yesterday.

Oh, and did I tell you that I bid on a piece of wool on Ebay the other day and won the bid. Received yesterday and it is beautiful. Just perfect to back my wool square quilt. I'm loving this work-in-progress.

Have already spent my birthday gift certificates. Was in a very "i need a spring outfit" mood so invested in white linen skirt and blouse. Was just about to check out when I spotted those just to perfect to pass up shoes. (I had to pay for those myself) Gift certificates only go so far..

Kitty is also enjoying my trip to the store....hey, if the shoe box fits, wear it!

Birthday lunch out with friends was delightful. Here we are....I'm the one seated in the middle...you know the one with no birthday earrings on!!!


  1. Hey Happy belated Birthday Marty. Hope you had a good one. lol
    Those quilts look super, cant wait to see how you quilt them.
    Poor kitty meeeOOOW, I am in sympathy, not that I have a furball you understand!! hahaha
    Love the new outfit and those shoes, oh if only I could still wear ones like that, I would feel I was Queen of the May. :-) jan

  2. Forgot to say, I was a bit worried about kitty in the shoe box !!!!!!!

  3. I love the new skirt and shoes ensemble.
    recommended accessories: red lipstick and birthday earrings.
    love to you...dear sister

  4. Birthdays aren't over until the last birthday greeting and the last gift is received. I'm still loving the moment.

    Finally, finally sister dear has joined the bandwagon!! Have plenty of red lipstick left over from earlier years....still waiting on the birthday earrings!


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