Hoping A Wish Comes True...

I'm hopeful for a creative day....but in the meantime, here I go on a tirade.

I mentioned Sunday my disgust at the father who was rejoicing at the reconciliation of his daughter and her abusive boyfriend. In effect, what he said to her was "you did something wrong for him to do this to you....you deserved it. You should be glad he is willing to take you back." I have given this more thought. Actually, can't get it out of my head that a person would put so little value on their worth as to think they deserve to be beaten. Obviously she does.

If it weren't for domestic violence, sexual battery, molestation and child abuse, we would barely have anything to report in our newspaper. Well, I almost forgot the divorce, births, bankruptcy sections of the paper. They really contribute a lot to local news. It's true in our town that if it weren't for bad news, we'd have no news at all. Well, I for one am sick, sick, sick of reading of these horror stories. No, I don't wish for these horror stories to be shoved under the carpet, I wish there would be no horror stories to report.

I wish for children to be taught at a very young age, the value and worth of their being. I wish that children could live in an environment that aspired to being drug free and crime free, an environment where life was a treasure.

I wish these children had a choice, but they don't! So, I wish somewhere, somehow, someone will be there to touch their little lives so they may have a leg up in life. I wish, oh my, I do wish...


  1. Marty,
    It is not surprising that this girl has no value of herself when her father has no value for her! We all need to have someone in our lives to teach us to respect others....and ourselves.
    Sadly, there are many parents who don't teach their children that respect. And it is so simple to teach children to respect, and that is to show respect to others, and expect respect from others.
    Judy B

  2. Hi Judy, thanks for reading my rants....I'm going to end my blog day on a happy note.


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