Quilted in Spite of Myself

Just about the best day ever....except I got up an hour earlier. I did get lots of outside yard maintenance done. And so did he. We have several fountains throughout the garden and they were all tilting, some very tilting so they got leveled today. I love to hear the tinkling of water when I am in the garden and the birds will often refresh and listen also.

It was almost a blogless Sunday, but since my back is already aching from doing the outside work, I may not be able to get out of bed tomorrow. So thought I better get something said today just in case.

And, in spite of myself, I did get two art cards made and one art quilt. I delivered one of the art cards to my new neighbor as a little "welcome to the neighborhood".....and forgot to take a picture of it....don't I know better by now. I wonder if she would let me drop in for a photo shoot! I made her an art card almost like this one, but the tulip was a different color. This one is "Tiptoe Thru The Tulips" #1 and it's already in the "Misc. art cards" section on my web page. #1 means that I'm now obligated to make #2, #3, #4 and on and on...

Also posted "Butterflies are Free" #1 in the More Art Quilts Gallery. Take a look...and it's also a #1. But I have #2 and #3 on the drawing board. Fun making a series out of my fabric art cards and art quilts.

See you tomorrow...maybe, maybe not.

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