Nice View if you can get it...

This is the view from my sewing machine. I like to wait until all chance of frost has passed before deadheading my herb garden. The pineapple sage is particularly messy looking now. on all pictures to enlarge. New trick I recently learned....

There are two birdbaths within my view and oh what a treat they give me every morning. Whether warm or freezing cold, they do love their bath time. And after watching them for awhile, I've learned that each species has different bath habits. The robins normally bathe alone. The kinfolk patiently await their turn to rotate in and out of the tub. The sparrows on the other hand have no pride...not a bit shy about sharing the tub. As many as are in the group just plunge right in at the same time, fussing at each other all the while. The doves are the dainty ones. They just float from the sky and gingerly land on the rim of the tub. They first take sips of water, I presume testing the temperature, then they may or may not step in. Haven't yet figured out what degree water temperature they prefer. A little dialog between the two of us would really help me out here!!

I've never had a yen to make a selvage quilt, but I found The Selvage Blog this morning. Check it out for great ideas. I cut off a few selvages from my fabric stash...thinking perhaps I'll make one of those little postcards. I'll keep you posted on my progress in that direction. If you don't see a selvage picture from me again, please don't prod, just know that I've moved on to other projects...OK??

It's still a little early for me to start seeing butterfly caterpillars on my fennel, so I thought I would make my own butterfly fabric card today. Work still in progress. I still need to find a backing fabric and finish the edges.

And my final project for the day - "self portrait in white shirt". Her (my) neck got a little thick...but no problem, I just grew hair! Wouldn't life be grand!

Hugs 'til our next visit.

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