Munchkin pillows and 1 art quilt

We have had a perfectly beautiful day. I made more munchkin pillows today and dearest laid them over my pot of chrysanthemums and pictured them. Isn't he the darling. And, supper (as we say down south) is cooking. I'm serving up red beans with sausage over rice. I like cornbread with mine, but he bought french bread at Walmart today, so I guess that's what he'll have. We're beginning to read each other..... Anyway, back to my day, here are the pillows.

Here's an art quilt I started some time ago, but it apparently got lost in the shuffle (that's a pleasant way to say my messy sewing room), that I finished today. It's now ready to be placed in my web site gallery.




  1. Thanks, these pears were fun to make. One is a Bartlett....not sure about the other one!!


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