I Think It's My Birthday.......

The telephone rang really early this morning....that means either bad news OR dear sister is calling. She has two times to call - before church, before work OR during dinner. Never fails.

I woke up this morning with a little tune running around in my head....I hear it's your birthday, we're having a party. So, when I was distracted from my task of sewing yarn around a picture...more on that later....with the ringing telephone, it hit me. It's my birthday. Oh, boy. And, it's true what they say "another year older and deeper in debt." Yep, dearest made the trip to Lowe's yesterday to get the final purchases to set up my photo studio. Now, I'm waiting for the light bulbs and we'll be set. I'm hopeful that with these initial purchases, I'll be set for a lifetime of good pictures of my quilts. And...kitty had to go to the vet yesterday. (cha ching)
She has been really lethargic the past two days (that means she hasn't been pestering me when I'm at the computer), so, being mother hen that I am about my animals, off we went. By the time we got in to see the vet, she was the same kitty as she always is. I decided she must have just wanted a road trip! He did prescribe medication, just in case she has a hairball! Like I said, cha ching!! .... deeper in debt

But anyway, dear sister got my day off to a great start. She makes me laugh, especially at myself.
Received her card in the mail yesterday and she mentioned the perfect earrings she had bought for me to go with the perfect blouse (to be purchased when it went on sale). But to her dismay, the blouse was already sold when she went back to make coveted purchase. Thus, a gift certificate was taped to the birthday card. And, I'm still searching for the earrings. I was trying to be very discreet this morning by asking her about the earrings. She, of course, had the perfect answer for my not receiving said earrings. They, of course, were too bulky to go through the mail and she didn't want them to get damaged. So, guess who's wearing said birthday earrings this morning!! I'll have to remember to buy MYSELF some great little earrings come HER birthday in September. Sounds fair to me. Can't wait to go cash in on my gift certificate. I'll probably do that today right after lunch with friends.

We have a fun restaurant I love to visit. Back patio/balcony overlooking the water. And, the weather is suppose(??) to be warm enough for us to sit outside today. Plus, they make a complimentary picture of the birthday group and in lieu of singing the embarrassing birthday ditty, the birthday child gets a slice of cheesecake. We just pass it around the table until it's all gone. That way, there's not too many calories allotted to each of us.

Now, back to my sewing yarn around a picture....I'll clue you later on this latest project.

Have a great birthday for me.



  1. HAPPPY BIRTHDAY, MARTY!!! Loved your post... and your sister's sense of humor.

    Have a great day, pamper yourself, and eat 2 bites of that cheesecake instead of just one... the birthday girl is entitled to that!


  2. Thanks, Kat....so far, so good. I'm still in my pj's...heading for the shower now, then off for lunch.

  3. Happy Birthday Marty :o)
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Happy Birthday Marty. I hope you have fun.

  5. Glad you had a happy birthday my love....

  6. Many happy returns of the day! and if you are irish, you are doubly blessed!

    love your sewing room. It may be small but it gets the job done.

  7. Thanks all of you for helping me enjoy my birthday. And yes, Annie, I think there is a little IRISH there somewhere. Mom was a Nelson and Grandma was a Fife.


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