"I Told You So"

I encourage the dear one to wear a hat when out in the sun, but he doesn't, says a hat is too hot. So today he was mowing out front and I saw him sneaking by my sewing room window....which puzzled me. Sometimes I tune him out but today I was listening just in case there was a problem. So, yes I heard him loud and clear when he said "Damn bird pooped on my head." Next time he passed my sewing room window, he was wearing the hat that was too hot. I didn't say "I told you so." Didn't need to!!

We are having a fun time these days at our quilt guild chapter meeting. Great program today...Holly's topic was "Quick Tips for Quilters from Quilting Potpourri." Now that title covers a broad spectrum...very informative. Holly's background is teaching computer technology, so it goes without saying that she did a bang-up good job of bringing us up to speed on some web sources and electronic quilt guilds. She made me want to dig out my EQ Design book and refresh my skills on quilt design. After I got home today, I visited some of the sites she offered. Wish I could share them all here. I did find an online tutorial on making crazy quilts at The Caron Collection. Very easy instructions and schematics.

I also enjoy going to Joggles to see what classes they make available. Lots of different ones there. More the artsy type.
OK, changing the subject....my tummy is growling grrrrr.....

We're having grilled salmon with mayo/lemon/caper sauce, grilled asparagus and spinach salad for dinner tonight. Guess I better go prep the salad and make the sauce for the salmon and the dressing for the salad. He's the chef tonight and I'm happy to be sous chef.

If I forgot anything I'll catch up in the morning.



  1. Oh, Marty! I do so admire your restraint in not yelling out the window, "I TOLD YOU SO!". I'm still laughing every time I think of this story... I wonder how long the hat will be used? Is there a point in the LA heat/humidity where being too hot outweights the fear of poop on our head? We'll see.

  2. oh yes... Fancy is right... admirable restraint...

    amazing story...


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