A Cat's Meow

I just had to stop a minute to give this site a "head's up". Many days, our local news is...well...just not newsworthy. I check the obits, front page headline (to see what our worthless city school board superintendent has done lately). His pontification has made headlines several times lately. Sorry to say it's a sorry state of affairs on the local level.

But today, there was a great article about Eggcup Designs. The owner/designer creates the most fun array of hats in the attic of her Delaware home. It made my heart sing to read this wonderful success story. She obviously had a dream and her passion and tenacity made her dream come true.

Be creative today..... Marty


  1. I love your blog and you also...

  2. Catching up with you and was surprised and pleased by your pieced back. Your work is so quirky and fun!

    as to your wool throw, why not use a flannel back with no batting and just tie it?

    Love your munchkin pillows. I too went on a wool buying spree at goodwill and have loads of it. A wool quilt is in my future but not til the fall. I'm ready for spring!your view from the sewing room is lovely.

  3. Hi, Annie....what a great pick-me-up you gave me this morning, such a cheerful message crock full of generous compliments.

    I was super delighted that a friend gave me a package of Hobbs Heirloom wool batting she says she will never use. So with that problem solved, I think your idea of flannel backing will solve my dilema. I searched for wool and found nil affordable. Like you, I'll probably put this project on hold until fall. Thinking spring too.


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