Duct Tape or Glue?

Received my new Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 yesterday. It's installed, I played with it this morning and quickly discovered that it will do great things as soon as I learn how to do these great things with it!!

And kitty is better this morning. She hit me up for a road trip again yesterday. I noticed she was kinda favoring her left hind foot. Figured it was a hangnail or something. I work through my hangnail problems...decided she could do the same. I'm still paying for photoshop....and really don't think she deserves a pedicure. Anyway, she kept limping...less noticeably as the evening wore on. But dearest did get the BIG spotlight out so we could check for blood, swelling, or broken bones and we found nothing. Told kitty what the diagnosis was and that she would not be going on road trip. Well, kitty always has a retort...this time, "and where did you get your medical degree?"

Well, dearest had the final word on this argument...he threatened her with Oh No, not DUCT TAPE. I finally convinced dearest that GLUE would work just fine.
Kitty went to bed and woke up with no ailments this morning. I love it when we all agree....


  1. love your robins' nests.!!!

    and BTW my dh has found that a bb gun is the best deterrent to the squirrely squirrels. the BBs don't hurt them just scare them away. His aim is horrible! and watching hubby run out in his bathrobe with the gun is a laugh riot!

  2. Thanks....

    Aren't our men such a great source of amusement...can't live with them somestimes...but truly don't want to live without them. Happy day to you.


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