Defrag..ed the computer, then myself!

OKokOk, I haven't blogged in two days. I've been feeling a little sluggish.

When the computer starts to run sluggishly, we are told to go in and run the "defrag". I did that, even deleted all the recently visited sites. I deleted all the unnecessary (unwanted) and already read emails. Filed the keepers in their proper folders. The computer is now running with rapid speed. So, why am I still feeling sluggish?

I almost had a wreck the other day....passed a sign that advertised "Colonic Hydrotherapy!!!" for quick weight loss. WELL. hello. I guess so! Back in my day we called this an enema and it was included free any time you checked into a hospital! There are people starving out there.....and some are paying for an enema to lose weight?? I have this to say about that....these folks have more dollars than cents. I'll deny being sluggish before I'll voluntarily submit to this little number.

Now, I'm getting warmed up and feeling a little less sluggish. I've been whining more and more about (l) not having room for a design wall and (2) not being able to take good pictures. I found this great friend website, Holly Knott, who has helped me tremendously with the problem. After reading her "how to" notes, Dearest and I made a trip to WalMart (yes, together). He bought the grocery/toilet tissue/dish soap needs and I bought a camera tripod, yards of flannel, white knit polyester and light clamps. Ordered the light bulbs from Tabletop Studio as Holly suggested. Dearest will go find the lumber and feet and foam board to complete the project.

Wow, I just lost another pound of sluggish..Can't stop now...

Reorganized the storage space in my sewing room last night. My clutter was weighing me way down. I now have a delegated space for yarn and knit projects. There is space for fabric-cotton, batik, wool, drapery/upholstery. Magazines and patterns are organized by type of project....quilting, purses, needle felting, knitting, home decor. Oh yes, the cotton fabric (of which I have the most) is sorted by color. One bin holds the neutrals/browns and yellows, one the reds and blacks. Blue has a place as does green. Cannot begin to tell you how buoyant I'm feeling.....just about to float from this very, very organized space.

I've been invited to make a presentation (do the program) at one of local quilt guild chapter meetings. Any time I'm asked I just say "YES, I CAN" then agonize over what I will do. Finally, Finally my thinking is beginning to clear and I have narrowed my demo choices to two.

See, the less cluttered and sluggish my mind and body, the more focused I become.

No pictures today...just a musing, but can't you just see the creative gleam back in my eyes.

Sunday, what a fun day to blog.



  1. Your "defrag" post made me laugh out loud. I am in total agreement with you...I would do jumping jacks in public before submitting to THAT weight loss gimmick on purpose. Shew...that's crazy.

    This may be my first visit to your blog, and I've enjoyed it greatly. Your work is beautiful and unique. You'll have no problem speaking to the guild...especially now that your are defragged. :)

    Thank you for stopping by Apron Strings.

    Happy Sunday.

  2. Jeez, I don't even know how to defrag a computer. I do know I have amassed 2,500 pictures in i-photo. Could this be slowing things down?

    I want to see your design wall when you are done.

  3. TSK! I forgot to comment on the colonics. Just eat some all bran! Or, put those magic patches on the bottom of your feet that turn black, supposedly sucking all of the impurities out of your body. That's a good one.

  4. Hi, Chris, if I had all the impurities sucked out of me...well, I'd probably just blow away.

  5. Hi Marty, thank you first for visiting my Blog and your kind remarks. Oh I did smile at the defrag, we have to do it so often on my poor old computer it chugs away like crazy, but it does seem to clear the rubbish from the goodies, so mustnt grumble!!
    Message to Chris, Yes do get your pictures or photos onto disc to free the computer and make it run.
    CI YK not for me either. Too true, some folk have way too much money, GIVE IT TO ME why don't they. All that fabric waiting it the shops it would be much happier here in my sewing room. :-) BFN jan in uk


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