He calls it the Park Avenue sweat shop...I call it my creative hot spot!

Since my sewing room is always in such a disarray (as is my head), I've been reluctant to make it public. But today is the day. As you can see, working space is small. I drool when I see long arm sewing machines, design walls, cutting tables, ironing boards and steam irons out there in your blog pictures. I'm not even going to mention light boxes and photoshop and professional speed digital cameras... there's another lifetime for all that love.

But, my little space is actually quite cozy. We are adaptive creatures, aren't we? And you know, I really do not want a larger house. Who wants more to vacuum and dust??? I'm not that brain dead. No, not yet anyway! I have my little 18" x 24 inch ironing pad and cutting mat. I purchase the cheapest iron I can find on the market. My little laptop is very adequate as is the little 12" flat TV screen. Wall mounting also gave me more counter space. I'm all connected to the printer and the camera stand is safely stashed in a cabinet nearby.

There actually is quite a lot of cabinet space in here and the beautiful kitchen cupboard helps to hold more fabric and sewing accessories. The cupboard is a real treasure to me....hand made by my grandfather in the early 1900's when he and Grandma first married. It had many layers of paint that took me all of one summer to clean off. But the labor was worth it when I got down to the beauty of the natural cypress.

OK, I have to share the room also. I am so generous, dearest is allotted 3 square feet (to pay bills)...Hey, somebody has to do it!!

Hugs till later - Marty


  1. Marty
    That old cupboard is beautiful!
    Judy B

  2. I simply love it...so many memories. And thanks so much for helping me edit the spelling of "cubbard" to cupboard...I had a huge laugh at myself.


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