My Bernina

I've mentioned on occasion that I have the Bernina 440 quilters edition. Yes, Yes, I do love to piece my quilt tops and even do the quilting on the small ones. I can even use the embroidery attachment that I purchased with my machine. But it also does other types of sewing too. It actually can sew garments. Two years ago I made a pair of pants...too large. I cut the pattern down and made another pair...too small. I cut the pattern up. Trashed it. I cut the two pair of pants up. I put the great cotton fabric into quilts! The failure had nothing to do with the Bernina, just its master.

Which brings to mind something I wanted to share. The other day, Holly was having a little problem with a sewing technique and asked for help. I knew I had viewed some of these free tutorials Bernina offers before, but had not gone there in some time. Holly, this is for you. The tutorial of October 10, '08 deals with the problem of sewing on the edge of thick and thin bulge. Here is the site for more videos.




  1. I've just spent a very pleasant loooong period of time perusing your blog. Your style of witty writing is so easy to read. Thanks for leaving a comment on mine leading me here.

    The flower sketches, both hand and machine drawn, are charming in their simple, loose, free style.

  2. Well, thank you for visiting and come back any time! It's fun, isn't it to get acquainted, yet be so far apart!!


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