Working with Wool Part II

I'm running a little late this morning. Yes, I got up on a timely basis, just have been taking pictures of what I made yesterday. That always slows me down. I first started yesterday morning making more "Munchkin Pillows". Got the ones posted in my Etsy Shop that I made Saturday. But, even after making all these little pillows from the remnants, my wool stash was not shrinking. But, never fear, I'll get it whittled down to size!!

Buried deep in the wool bin was a bundle of 13" squares. I rationally decided that I could never get all this wool put into little Munchkin pillows, so decided to put together a quilt throw. Now I need to find wool to add borders. Or, maybe I will leave it the 50" square. Always a decision...

And what will I use for backing?? and how should it be quilted? and the other day, I passed on a sale for wool why did I do that?? OK, that one I can answer....I thought I would never use wool batting!! Who knew?

We're having a plentiful sunshine day. And....I don't have to renew my driver's license 'til 2010. Thank goodness for the little things. I said that to say this....I heard of a survey the other day that proves?? that we think we look better than we really do. Oh my, I'm in trouble since I'm not looking so good many days and I look worse than I think I look!! Since my DL pic is always very, very sad, I just couldn't bear the thought that I don't even look that good.

More later (no doubt)

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